Cover Your Ass, or I'll Take Your House

I came across Attacks on the Nude, the Naked, the Naturist on This is my first time visiting, but it looks like a decent site. In the afore mentioned article it says that property forfeiture is now being used to enforce anti-nudity laws:

Civil asset forfeiture, the confiscation of property without trial or conviction, is even being proposed as a weapon against the practice of nudity even in enclosed private property. In Arkansas, it is illegal even to advocate in favor of nudism.


In Alabama and Florida, bills to apply RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization - laws have been introduced to eliminate naturism. RICO allows the government to confiscate property that is only indirectly used in an offense. Hence, if you drive a nudist to a nude beach, your car can then be confiscated. Not only that, but people who file complaints against nudists are allowed to win penalties of up to $40,000 upon conviction. With this bounty, zealous anti-nudists and those who are just greedy can get rich seeking out skinny-dippers.

So cover your ass, or I'll have your house taken away.

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