Pub/sub TV

One of the blogs I tossed into Google reader had a post about Internet TV. It made me think that some people need to get "out" more. The afore mentioned article quotes a Washington Post story about what the future of TV may look like. Basically it involved someone watching shows on their cell phone and then switching over to an actual TV with the same channels. The author then linked to a site that Google is sure to rank high for "RSS".

Some random snippets from the RSS article: "RSS is a new medium. It's not like the web any more than the web was like print...So the trick is to figure out how to monetize RSS right in the medium". I shouldn't link to that article, but here's one.

Is that what the future is being reduced to--polling? Where's the Tivo or DVR that's listening for all of my channels (or should I say nodes?) to publish details about a new episode? Where's my <payment-required/> error stanza?

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