Trip To Borders

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Last Saturday I went to Borders to look at a pattern book to see how badly I munged the model-view-controller pattern. I did a pretty good job at getting it wrong. The book I looked at was Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. The proper way to setup MVC is to have the view and controller communicate with the model, and have the view and controller communicate with each other. Compare that to how I currently have it setup, the controller communicating to the view which communicates to the model. I don't have much communication between the controller and the model. The bulk of the communication is done through the view, which should only be fetching data from the model. I'll have to straighten that out here pretty soon.

I also picked up a book about Benedict de Spinoza. I came across his name while looking through The Ism Book by St. Andre. Spinoza's ideas do parallel some of my own thinking which will be reflected in some articles I intend to write.

It's a small book, and I'm nearly all the way through it now. One thing that does amaze me though are how much times don't change...and this is supposed to be the 21st century not the 17th!

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